蔵書の中からエリクソニアンのスティーブン・ギリガンの「The Courage to Love: Principles and Practices of Self-Relations Psychotherapy」[1]をめくってみる。

The first identity is what we might call the problem-based, dominant identity. Traditional therapy would primarily understand and communicate with the person around this identity. But Erickson noticed the second two identities what she was doing when she was not depressed (or who she was in addition to being depressed). 

He then became curious about how new patterns might emerge via those complementary identities. He got the woman to raise more African violets. He then asked her to notice each time a  person or family in the church community was going through some important transitional event a  birth, death, marriage, graduation, retirement, etc. and to give that person or family an African violet to honor the event.






 「Ericksonian Approaches 」[3] に以下のような記述がある。おそらくエリクソンが実際に指示した内容に近い。で、エリクソンの介入は瞬発力に満ちているように思えてくる(笑)。

I called one evening. The house keeper and maid had left for the day. I identified myself very carefully. She was very passive , and I demanded a tour of her home. She was sufficiently  passive to permit me to have a guided tour. She led me from room to room .


I looked very carefully for everything. In the sun room I saw three adult African violets of different colors in full bloom , and an potting pot in which she was propagating another African violet.


Now, you know , African violets are very delicate plants. they are very easily killed by the slightest amount of neglect.


When I saw those three African violets of different colors I said, " I'm going to give you some medical orders, and I want them carried out. Now you understand that. Will you agree that you will carry them out?" She passively agreed. Then I said, " Tomorrow you send your housekeeper to a nursery or a florist and you get African violets of all different hues." I think at that time there ware 13 different hues of African violets. I said , " Those will be your African violets and you are going to take good care of them. That's a medical order".


"Then you tell your housekeeper also to purchase 200 flower pots and 50 potting pots and potting soil. I want you to break off a leaf from each of your African violets and plan it in potting pots and grow additional mature African violets." They propagate by planting the leaf.


I said, "And when you have an adequate supply of African violets, I want you to send one to every baby that's born in any family in your church. I want you to send an African violets to the family of every baby christened in your church. I want you to send a gift adult African violet to everyone who is sick in your church. When a girl announces her engagement, I want you to send her an African violet. When they got married , I want you to send African violets. In case of death, you send a condolence card with an African violet. And the church bazaars --- contribute a dozen or a score of African violets of sale. " I knew at one time she had 200 adult African violets in her home.


Anybody that takes care of 200 African violets is too busy to be depressed. She died in her seventies with the title of "The African Violet Queen of Milwaukee." I saw her only once.(Erickson laughs.)









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